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The Face of Chocoholocs

Victoria Plaise, MBA is the Owner and Founder of Chocoholocs.  She is certified in the establishment of Interlocs/Microlocs, and in the Maintenance, Repair, and Re-tightening of them.  She loves locs and the uniqueness of them. 

 She is a native of Fort Wayne, IN,  and loves it here in the Midwest.  As a ten plus year natural, She decided Microlocs were the way to go.  As they are much easier to wash, style, and maintain then her natural 3a/3b fine hair was. She chose Microlocs over traditional locs because they are much more versatile, and because of the parting grid.  She can style it the same as free flowing hair.  Her only regret is not getting Microlocs sooner! 

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